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Applicable Products - Current Offers

Browse the Offers collection. Current seasonal offer codes are applicable to the following products only:

Zehma Pullover in Rathee Tibetan Print
Dawa Hoodie in Kharani
Preeti Jacket in Khola
Preeti Jacket in Neelo Blue
Padma Midi Dress in Black Tibetan Print
Padma Midi Dress in Rathee Tibetan Print
Kira Tee in Golbera
Kira Tank in Rathee
Kira Tank in Black
Kira Tank in Golbera
Maya Top in Black
Maya Top in Khola
Maya Top in Rathee
Maya Embroidery Sleeveless in Khola
Maya Tank in Rathee
Asha Tank in Khola
Suraj Tee in Katha White
Suraj Tee in Mandala Pink
Kurta Tee in Katha White
Meytho Tee in Katha White
Om Jacket in Anaar
Om Jacket in Kharani
Devi Skort in Black
Devi Skort in Koshi Green
Naya Bermuda Short in Kharani
Naya 5 Short" in Henna Brown
Naya 5 Short" in Kharani
Jatra Short in Rathee
Jatra Short in Ani
Jatra Short in Rathna Green
Kunde 2.5-Layer Jacket in Anaar
Lithang Jacket in Anaar
Lithang Jacket in Blue Tara
Lithang Jacket in Rathee
Lithang Jacket in Rathna Green
Ukalo Reversible Vest in Raja Blue
Rumtek Hoodie in Monsoon Grey
Dawa Hoodie in Mewa Green
Bhaku Shirt in Monsoon Grey
Bhaku Shirt in Potala Red
Arjun Short Sleeve Shirt in Potala Red
Durbar Shirt in Kharani
Durbar Shirt in Monsoon Dragon Print
Durbar Shirt in Rani Blue
Manang Short Sleeve Shirt in Koshi Green
Manang Short Sleeve Shirt in Raja Blue
Seti Shirt in Teej Orange
Lokta Long Sleeve Shirt in Kharani
Durbar Pocket Tee in Kharani
Suraj Tee in Mewa Green
Kimti Tee in Teej Orange
Rinchen Short Sleeve Tee in Gokarna Green
Pokhara Pant in Kharani
Pokhara Short in Rathee
Khumbu Pant in Saang Brown
Lithang Jacket in Rathee/Antique Brass
Lithang Jacket in Tibetan Coral
Himali Scarf in Anaar
Himali Scarf in Rathee
Zehma Scarf in Black Tibetan Print
Kira Infinity Scarf in Rathee
Kira Infinity Scarf in Rathna Green
Meytho Scarf in Peetho
Meytho Scarf in Raja Blue
Jhola Shoulder Bag in Koshi Green
Mayalu Chevron Bracelet in Anaar
Mayalu Chevron Bracelet in Kharani
Mayalu Chevron Bracelet in Rathna Green

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